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Poetry Analysis – Malayalam poet Vailopilli Sreedhara menon

Vailipilli was different when considering he was a technology enthusiastic and science school teacher. Vailipilli observed and analyzed English literature and studied it for a long period. This helped him develop a very different style of poetry and literature which could be called a fusion of then known rules of Malayalam poetry with Western style of poetry.

The famous poem “To a skylark” by Shelley was translated to Malayalam by Vailopilli. The dancer in Vailopilli’s poem “Kannikoythu” had resemblance to Jhon Galsworthy’s story. “Odakuzhal “ also had similar theme to E.B Browning’s “A Musical instrument”. Similar observation can be made on the poem “Dhyana Kanyaka” as a translation of D.G Rossetti’s “The blessed Damozel”. The famous poem “Mambhazam” analyzes the physiological impact of a mother after she loses her child, this too had influence from some western literature. The poem “Pullukal” – meaning grass in English can be related to Robert Browning’s “A grammarian’s funeral”. Grammarian’s funeral was published before “Pullukal”, hence we could conclude that Vailopilli was influenced by Browning’s literature.

Poem Analysis Vailopilli

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