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Malayalam poem Veenapoovu by Mahakavi Kumaranasan


Legendary poet Kumaranasan compares stages of human life and fame with that of a flower.

This is the fourth stanza of Veenapoove by Kumaranasan. It is a philosophical poem that depicts the life cycle of human beings. Stages of a flower are similar to fame that people gain during youth. He conveys a strong message that every living being is bound by same laws of nature and will one day fade away just like a flower.

Read the first stanza of this poem here.
You shook your head to the tunes
of birds tweeting at sunrise
In a day you already have learned the hard facts of life
And have enjoyed the eternal silence of starry nights

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7 comments to Malayalam poem Veenapoovu by Mahakavi Kumaranasan

  • Nice poetry blog, keep up the writing.

  • Monex

    The order of the menus are not quite easy to access and also I think you should rethink your poetry translation styles.

  • Foster Weber

    What an inspiring beautiful poem, Malayalam is a great language, I will certainly visit Kerala and learn more.

  • Shylaja

    I am from US and I do not have much touch with Malayalam language, though it is my mother tongue. I have heard about poem “Veena poovu” from my parents that, it is best and they have studied it in their schools. I can now understand the message better and why it is so much appreciated. I am not sure, if this is the end to the poem, please post the rest stanzas too, if it is available.

  • Manju S

    Veenapoovu is best, I like the way you have translated it but there needs to be some sweetness in your English approach. I feel you have bluntly put exact wordings for the poetry, next time be more poetic. People will certainly appreciate my thoughts, just try.

  • Cecil

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