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The Little girl who loved the rain – Malayalam poem


This Malayalam poem is about the beautiful relationship of a little girl child with mother nature and a mango tree.

This is the second stanza of her poem translated “The little girl who loved the rain”. Vidya also depicts through her Malayalam poem about the imbalance in nature which human beings have created due to system of money and finances. Its complexity has equally harmed human beings and nature. Vidya conveys through her Malayalam poem that the relationship of human beings with Mother Nature, trees and flowers around them are divine and are interdependent on each other’s happiness.

Read the first stanza of “Little girl who loved the rain” – Malayalam poem by Vidya.

A mango tree that never flowered for long time and have never produced any mangoes suddenly started dropping sweet ripe mangoes. The old granny – “Nangeli amma”, recollected that this Mango tree has never fruited from a long time and she wondered what could have happened.

Read the next stanza of The Little girl who loved the rain – Malayalam poem

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