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A Dirge for the Earth – Malayalam Poem By O N V Kurup


In Malayalam poem Bhoomikkoru charamageetham, poet describes that human beings should be greatfull to mother earth for nurturing them.

Read from first stanza of this poem here.

ONV points out that human beings are not affectionate to mother earth. He describes that mother earth have fed the human beings with her own milk by removing her greenery dress. Even after drinking her milk humans were not able to quench their thirst and they started to suckle her blood too.

Read the next stanza


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3 comments to A Dirge for the Earth – Malayalam Poem By O N V Kurup

  • Limsey

    Thank you, I have recently been searching for a poetry blogs in another language and and yours is Malayalam, never knew about this language in India, the best I have discovered so far.

  • thanks so much i am a mala yalee my self.

    • Dick Mastam

      I think it is waste of time to run behind money, this poem makes us aware that you should learn to respect mother earth or one day we all will be perished.