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ONV Kavithakal-Bhoomikkoru charamageetham

ONV Kavithakal - Bhoomikkoru charamageetham
ONV Kavithakal - Bhoomikkoru charamageetham

O.N.V – a renowned poet and professor has been honored with India’s prestigious awards including “Padma Vibhushan “ .

This is the fifth stanza of the Malayalam poem Bhoomikkoru Charamageetham by ONV Kurup. ONV is spreading the awareness to human beings that they should protect Mother Nature, who have fed them and given them everything they have now.

Read from first stanza of this poem here.
Stanza meaning:
Unaware that his lover is his mother
From an old fairy tale called “Yuvanatarukan”
Children of the lady –Vasutha, thus create a new history
These children strip Vasutha’s clothes too
and sell them in market for their drink
Sharp axe of the cruel paramour still continues its play
Blazing eyes of sun..
showered fire and danced with fury
Clouds searching for drinking water
Autumn searching for cool climate
Spring searching for a little flower
Rivers searching for water stream
Nature loses its balance
And Life Cycle freezes

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