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Malayalam Kavitha – Another Life by Vidya

Reincarnation is prayer of foetus to GOD when she lost her mother to inhumane process and adversity.


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7 comments to Malayalam Kavitha – Another Life by Vidya

  • Leena

    You are a good poet, but please write more poems. I am a regular visitor here but have run out of reading material from your site.

  • Seena

    Beautiful poem, it made my eyes moist.

  • Sarita

    Wooow – nice poem! It is a harsh reality that even after all these years of independence in India , we still have these kind of issues.

  • Shylaja R

    touching poem indeed.

  • Joy C

    I am your regular reader from Dubai Vidya, have you considered to publish a small collection of poems by any chance or have done it? If so let me know.

  • George

    I like the poem but the subject matter so closely packed that the impact was temporary in my mind where as this is a very serious topic and should make impressions on human minds.

  • William

    Very nice poem, I also did subscribe to your FB. Few suggestions to Vidya below with all due respects and in no way I am trying to bully your creation.
    a) Why do you have to end abruptly? In this poem you ask a question to readers and stop abruptly.
    b) Can you not also have some sweet memories of the characters added to the poem?
    c) Just also try to convey the state of mind of the characters towards the beginning of the poem than in between.
    Please only consider this if you think it is worth, I believe poem has a spirit of it’s characters.